Unifier Coming to The Pour House Friday February 15

Unifiers_PaperAiplanesGreensboro’s Future Ghosts Unifier spent most of their time learning to make solid Alternative Rock Music. Unfortunately, they weren’t as well-versed in copyright law.  With a new name, Unifier released Colorado and is coming to Raleigh’s Pour House on Friday February 15, 2013 – Doors open at 8 – to support it.  Unifier brings together Indie and contemporary pop into an easy to listen to songs. Unfier’s new material is their best yet. If they were the only band playing that would be reason enough to go.


Wait there’s more…

Nuclear HoneyNuclear Honey is one of the opening acts on the bill of this great show. Nuclear Honey brings a rock and roll attitude, great guitar work with simply rhythms and approachable songs. Pitchfork would describe them as being like a  “Thai Chili Pepper – pleasant and mellow to start with a slow, pleasant burn of a finish”  Or some other random, hard to comprehend metaphor pulled from the writer’s post HS gap year in Indonesia. I just call them good and well worth listening too if you like folk music with balls.

This tour de force of great local music put together by Drop Back Booking also includes Apples and Airplanes. These guys are raw, old-school rock and roll. Rather than play simple Blues, they update it with horns, Indie-influenced guitar riffs and lead vocals that bite through the mix. These guys have opened for some big names and pleased crowds time and time again.

Myriadpromo2Rounding out the bill from Akron, Ohio is Maid Myriad. These guys are rockers that fill out this bill nicely. It is not a stretch to think that Unifier and Maid Myriad playing bigger shows with each other around the area and country in the near future. These guys don’t get South very often, so you don’t want to miss them.



If you are anywhere near Raleigh and like Alternative music, come to this show. This is one of the most solid bills for Indie/Alternative Rock we are likely to see in the Triangle for a long-time.

Feb 15_Unifier Show_v1


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